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Chicago weekend in the snow

Last weekend we were in Chicago for a wedding so I got the chance to really put the Fuji X-T2 to the test, shooting in the cold and snowy evenings in Chicago. Armed with just a 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) and an X-T2 body, I headed out in downtown Chicago to have some fun. I was quite impressed at how well the camera fared in the cold, snow, and moisture, and it received quite a few comments from others out shooting as well.

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Wedding Location Scouting in Mexico

Although my wife and I got married already in the courthouse in San Francisco, we still want to have a wedding party to celebrate with all our friends. We'd heard such good things about Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, so we decided to check it out. We packed up both our families and headed down, right at the beginning of the season. While it was still a bit humid and hot, the place was incredible. We found our perfect venue, right by the ocean, and will be getting married in November, 2016.