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A Weekend at the Lake

Nothing is more summer in New York City than LEAVING the sticky city behind and heading out on a weekend retreat. Luckily, our good friends Bill & Sabry have the perfect house on Lake Henry in Pennsylvania. Even luckier, they invited us out for a weekend of relaxation!

Our Gracious Hosts

The House

Bill & Sabry have been working on this dream house for years, and it shows. They patiently waited for this dream property to come up for sale, and once they purchased it, they set about updating it to their exact specs. With an obvious love for modern, clean design, the house is open and full of light, both in the mornings with the sun rising through the main windows, or the pink glow of the perfect sunsets.

By far one of our favorite touches on the house was the dock they designed. With space to dine, and a giant day bed for lounging on, it's no surprise we fell asleep out there one night and only woke up to drag ourselves to our bed.

Thanks for the wonderful time guys!

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On the road: #Expedition2NYC

In March, I faced a difficult question: How should I move our two dogs to NYC from San Francisco? Fortunately, the answer turned out to be amazing. Roadtrip!

So I called up the rental car agency, asked for the biggest car possible (Ford Expedition EL) and recruited one of my best friends, Erin Conger (who happens to be a kick ass photographer) and my brother in law, Cian, and my wife, Erin. 

2 weeks, 1 car, 2 dogs, 4 people, many rolls of film and a whole lotta country.