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June in Paris

This summer, we attended a wedding of one of our good friends in Paris. June turned out to be the perfect time to visit Paris, with perfect weather, not too many tourists, and best of all, all the stores were deep in the middle of their sales. Museum, food, clothes, and we even splurged on ballet tickets just to see the beautiful opera house and get dressed up.

News, Personal, Travel

European Vacation

Now that I live on the East coast, it seemed like the perfect time to start exploring Europe more. When we got invited to a wedding in Paris, we looked around for another country to visit while we were over there. After some quick internet research and asking around, we decided to spend 5 days in Lisbon, Portugal.

It was such a beautiful country, so full of culture, interesting food, and sunny beaches. We spent most of our time wandering around the city, stopping every hour or so for our espresso breaks. We also visited the nearby town of Sintra, which seems like the town every Disney princess castle was ever based on.