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ONA Bowery bag and NYC Breather

The kind folks over at ONA Bags recently hooked me up with their Bowery bag in leather so I decided to do a quick shoot with it. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous bags I've ever laid eyes on, but it also happens to be a pretty solid camera bag as well! I can fit my Canon 5D MK III in there with any of my lenses, but for this shoot I decided to see which of my film cameras it could carry. I was pleasantly surprised to find it could fit my giant Polaroid Land 360 camera AND a Canon 35mm rangefinder easily. 

Since the shoot was a bit impromptu, I decided to act as my own mode for the shoot and stage the shots with a tripod. Although I love my NYC apartment, it doesn't have a ton of room to shoot in, so I decided to try out Breather. I'd heard great things from a few friends about how easy it was, and they were right! If you haven't heard of them, Breather lets you book amazing spaces by the hour, and they're all well designed, making them perfect for shoots! If you want to try out a free hour, follow this link.